An Old Fashioned Christmas - A Time Travel Christmas Story Charles Steed



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An Old Fashioned Christmas - A Time Travel Christmas Story  by  Charles Steed

An Old Fashioned Christmas - A Time Travel Christmas Story by Charles Steed
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Ben Delany is troubled. It’s Christmas Eve and Ben is hanging out alone in a bar at the Sarasota mall nursing a flat beer while impatiently waiting to hear from his girlfriend Ashley. When she finally calls, Ben learns she’s got to stay several more hours in Atlanta on business and won’t be keeping their date to spend a quiet Christmas Eve together.Disappointed, Ben wanders into the mall parking lot and meet’s Jimmy, a stranger in need. Jimmy has to pick up a last minute Christmas gift and has no way to get across town to Hairy Hairy’s, the only place in Sarasota that has it.

With nothing better to do, Ben agrees to fight the last minute Christmas rush traffic and deliver Jimmy to his destination.On the way the two men discuss how superficial the holidays have become and reminisce of glorious Christmases past. As they slowly make their way through heavy traffic each revels in his recollections of poignant holiday memories from their youth. They discuss vivid recollections of happier days opening gifts and being with loved ones.Finally reaching their destination, Ben’s anxiety is relieved as he’s enjoyed chatting with his passenger.

In a gesture of thanks for the ride, Jimmy makes Ben a gift of a common item playfully explaining how he can use it to actually return to his favorite Christmas of all times and once again enjoy the experience. Ben chuckles and comments what a wonderful life it would be if things were actually that simple. However, three hours later Ben finds himself, a mature man, in his 10-year old body experiencing intimate family memories in what he has always considered the ‘best Christmas ever.’A clever blend of fantasy and holiday nostalgia, An Old Fashioned Christmas will sweep you back in time to your own magnificent Christmases past.

The descriptions of days gone by and banter among family members and friends will leave you longing for the days when you were young and carefree. Perhaps the most touching part of this story is that Ben not only gets to relive his favorite holiday of all times, but that he gets to have the experience through the eyes of both a 10-year old boy and a mature adult, giving the event a very tender perspective.

This story is highly recommended for sentimental time travel lovers and Christmas lovers as well.

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